De-fragmenting your Hard Drive for Greater Performance

De-fragmenting your hard drive is an often neglected part of computer maintenance. If you ask most people how to de-fragment a hard drive they won’t know what you’re talking about.

De-fragmenting your hard drive is very important if you want your computer performance not to suffer as you add more and more data to your hard drive. Windows has a handy feature that easy let’s you evaluate your hard drive as to whether it needs to be de-fragmented or not, and de-fragment your hard drive as needed.

Although the interface between different versions of windows changes they all have the same basic premise. You simply need to go to the start menu, accessories, system tools then disk defragmenter. Once in the interface you can choose to analyze the hard drives connected to your computer. The analysis will tell you whether you need to de-fragment your hard drives or not. If you do you simply need to select the hard drive from the list and hit de-fragment.

Disk de-fragmenting does one important task. It moves all the files that are scattered across your hard drive to one chunk of the hard drive making it easier to read and write from, therefore increasing the performance of your computer. Over time most computers scatter data across the whole length of the hard drive making accessing this data more time consuming.

Depending on the size of the hard drive your de-fragmenting this usually takes a long time. As a simple guide an 80gb hard drive will take about an hour. This also depends on the speed of your processor and the amount of RAM you have. De-fragmenting your hard drive will take up nearly all of the resources of your computer so you won’t be able to perform any operations while it is running.

The solution to this would be to run the de-fragmentation at a time when you are not using the computer.

Discover How To Easily Optimize Windows For Better Performance

“My system is too slow.”
“Look how much time it takes to install things.”
“My system slows down while playing games.”
“My software doesn’t function correctly.”

These are some very common statements uttered by PC owners. You might be among one of these. Well if you are, here are some basic tips which can help you optimize the performance of your system by optimization of your operating system.

Windows system optimization is the most basic tool which can maintain the performance of your system. You might be spending hours trying to adjust your CMOS settings, RAM frequency and even the registry setting of the windows. Well its time, you use some windows providing optimization tools for better performance of your system.

Disk Errors
Disk errors are most commonly prevalent in a majority of computer systems. And this is the most overlooked problem even by computer professionals. You often escape the disk error scanning which pops up after a bad shutdown. Well if you keep on escaping the disk error scanning, chances are that your hard disk would develop bad sectors. These bad sectors would initially hamper the proper functioning of your system and then can even lead to hard disk crash.

You should make sure that you allow the disk error scanning option to run and correct any of the disk errors on your hard disk. Once in a week you should also go for the thorough scan disk option which scans the hard disk for errors and corrects them. You should check all the partitions of your hard drive. You can access this option by right clicking on your hard drive partitions and selecting scan disk from the tools options.

Temporary File Cleanup
Cleaning the temp folder in your windows is very essential to get rid of all the unwanted files. These files are the left-overs of the programs which you have uninstalled from the system or other unwanted files. If you do not delete the contents of this temporary folder, the files could gather up to 100 MB of practically no use. You should delete these files as it would help in saving the hard disk as well. To delete these files select the Run option and type %temp% and press O.K. After it displays all the files, select all and delete them.

If you browse the internet with the help of explorer, the temporary cache files should be deleted from the temporary internet folder as well.

Files which are stored randomly on your system tend to slow down its performance. Your system looks for the fragments of randomly distributed files from everywhere and eventually become slow. To bring back all the files of all programs together, use the windows de-fragmentation tool. This tool joins all the loose files and optimizes the performance of your window.

The Paging File
The paging file is widely known as the windows virtual memory file. This file is used by the system when the windows run short of the actual RAM. Windows keeps on increasing and decreasing the size of the page file, which in itself is not very efficient. This affects the accessibility of fragmentation of your files. You should rather define your own paging size. Select the minimum and maximum size of the virtual memory to be the same. A preferable size is about the double the RAM you have.

By following these basic windows optimization methods you can maintain a good performance of your system.

Blogging For Your Business

Everyone can learn the skills essential to create exciting online blogs. You can actually use blogging as a casual approach to connect with your clients in a meaningful way. This will in turn foster a lifelong relationship and support sales. But how do you maintain an effective blog?

First, try to write about things without worrying being wrong. Write about something that you really understand about and write your feelings about them.

Ask readers to subscribe to your site in a location on your own site. Make this region visible but be sure to request your readers at some stage to sign up. This will increase your list of readers and certainly will make almost all of them come back and read your sites later on.

Pay attention to the color scheme, the text size you select, the font you use along with the title of your website. All these different variables affect how readily people can read what you have written. You want to make your site user-friendly.

Don’t go insane with font designs, capitalizing, underlining, emphasizing, etc.  Use formatting suitably. Only use specific font styles when you should attract the reader’s attention to thought or a particular word.

Refrain from using site designs which are alike to MySpace. Having busy layouts makes it exceptionally difficult for your readers to read your website. As a result, they’ll likely leave.

Try breaking your posts into manageable pieces. Let your readers digest your content. So break up your posts in smaller bits.

Don’t take up a site entry unless you are sure you can take a seat and complete the whole thing. You want to let your head stay on job, and it’ll be very hard to pick up where you left off, should you need to stop for any reason.

Guest blogging can be your best friend in regards to leading readers to your own blog. Find a great, related blog whose owner will allow you to post.

Post a new content to your blog on a regular basis. Except for a few days, like Christmas or Easter, readers expect to hear from you on a very regularly.

Scheduling Automatic Disk Cleanup

An efficient method of keeping your computers hard disk drive clean of files that are no longer need and optimized is to use Windows disk clean up utility.

Creating and editing documents installing and uninstalling software, browsing the internet all these actions create useless junk on your hard drive.

The sad thing is that you may never know that you have boat load of junk setting on your hard drive. With life busy as it easy you may not have the time to sit at your computer and clean your hard drive. Windows automated disk clean up can delete those unnecessary files off of your hard drive automatically.

Windows Task Scheduler is a wonderful tool that has many uses and one of those is the ability to schedule the Disk Clean Up Utility to run everyday, week, or month any day at any time, as long as your computer is on. The Task scheduler starts the Disk clean up utility and runs the cleaning to the preference that you have set.

Important, just because you can do something it does not meant that you should. You may end up with more problems if you set the Task Scheduler to clean your disk everyday, it is recommend that you run the disk clean up just once a month, that should keep you computer hard drive efficient and you computer running smoothly.

Click Start–> All Programs–> Accessories–>System Tools–> Scheduled Tasks–>

Windows Task Scheduler will now open

You now need to double click on the Add Scheduled Task icon to run the Wizard.

Click on Next the Wizard will display a list of programs you can schedule with the Task Scheduler. –> Next click on Disk Clean Up Then Click next again and follow the Wizards instructions.

If you do this at least once a month, you will keep your computer humming. Keeping your computer hard drive running efficiently will save time and frustrations later, see ya in the trenches!

Locating The Perfect Laptop Computer

Laptop computers are the perfect choice for people on the go. They offer all of the features of a desktop personal computer with the added benefits of portability. There are many kinds of laptop computers to choose from. When choosing a new laptop computer, look at the battery size, the memory and the physical size and weight of the computer.

When looking at new laptop computers, one thing you should consider is the battery size. All laptops come with a rechargeable battery. However, each laptop is different. Some batteries are designed to last longer than others. In general, a laptop computer battery will only last around two hours before needing to be recharged. As the computer ages and the battery gets older, the battery capacity will decrease. After approximately 1,000 charge and discharge cycles, the battery can no longer hold a charge. This usually equals about three years of normal laptop use. If you do not use the laptop often, the battery will become ineffective in about four years. If you plan on using the computers’ battery over plugging the laptop into the wall, the best piece of advice is to look for a laptop that has the largest battery life. Also, it is recommended to keep the laptop computer plugged in when possible so the battery does not constantly have to recharge itself. A second battery can also be purchased to use when the first battery runs out of charge.

Memory size is another key factor in choosing laptop computers. Memory size also varies from laptop to laptop. The amount of memory you purchase will depend on what you are using the computer for. If you need to store a vast amount of information on your computer or need to store pictures or video, you will need a larger amount of memory. Most new laptop computers come with a large amount of memory space already installed. Look for a minimum of 512 MB of memory. If you will need more memory space, check to see if the new laptop you are purchasing comes with expansion slots for more space.

Consider the weight of the laptop computer before purchasing. Laptops come in different sizes and some weigh a lot more than others. If you travel frequently or have the need to carry your laptop with you all day, consider a lighter weight laptop computer. Beware though, that while the laptop may be lighter, some of the components such as the AC adapter may not be included on the spec listing. Also, some of the ultra-light laptops do have smaller keyboards and screens, some only measuring 12 inches. Any laptop computer with a screen more than 15 inches can be difficult to carry. Consider the weight of the laptop when it is placed in a carrying bag, too. This will also add to the bulkiness of traveling with your laptop.

Other considerations to make when purchasing your new laptop are added features such as WiFi access, brand name and warranty. Most laptops come with a one-year warranty. An added warranty may be a good idea to protect your purchase.

Hard Drives- Choosing the Right One

Hard drives come in many different sizes and configurations. How much data a hard drive can hold is measured in gigabytes (GB). The latest hard drives can hold anywhere from 80 GB to 1000 GB (1 TB)! When buying a hard drive, size isn’t the only factor to look at, however. By choosing the right hard drive for your needs, you’ll enjoy your computer more. Hard drives are inexpensive and you should never skimp on one to save money.

For business or basic home use, an 80 GB hard drive should suffice. If you plan on downloading music, movies, or installing a lot of games on your computer, your hard drive should be at least 160 GB. For laptop users, the same space requirements apply, however, many laptops come with small hard drives. Many laptop users choose to keep the small hard drive and buy an external hard drive for excess files to keep costs down.

You can have a huge hard drive, but it will be worthless if it doesn’t move data fast enough for your computer! To find data, hard drives have platters on spindles that spin, similar to a CD. How fast a hard drive spins is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). The higher a hard drive’s RPM is, the faster it will perform. Desktop hard drives almost always have 7200 RPM hard drives. Laptop hard drives can range from 4200 RPM to 5400 RPM for budget and midrange uses and 7200 RPM for high end use. Hard drives with RPMs of 10,000 or more are available, but those are mainly for gamers, computer enthusiasts, and servers.

If you are computer user looking for performance, you should know about RAID. RAID lets you put 2 or more hard drives of the same brand and model together and run them at once, which results in faster performance. You can also use RAID so the second hard drives automatically backs up data from the first hard drive, so you always have a backup of your data. There are numerous possible RAID configurations out there, too many to mention in this article.

A hard drive’s cache is also another important performance indicator. A hard drive’s cache will hold frequently accessed data for faster access by the computer. A good hard drive will have at least 8 MB of cache. As with RPM, the more cache a hard drive has, the better.

Hard drives generally have either an SATA or IDE connection. Both connections are for attaching the hard drive to the motherboard via a cable so that data can be sent and received to and from the computer and drive. SATA is the newest connection and is better than IDE in that it can be faster and uses a much smaller cable. IDE, however, is just as fast as IDE in real world performance testa and hard drives that use IDE are cheaper than SATA hard drives. However, IDE hard drives use large cables that can restrict airflow. Fortunately, you can buy a rounded IDE cable that is not as big for $5-$10 at almost any computer supply store or online computer part retailer, such as or Fry’s Electronics.

Lost Hard Drive: Don’t Panic

No matter whether you are an amateur or a professional in computers, you can encounter a hard drive crash at any moment of your life! There are a number of ways that can make you lose the vital data so don’t worry about that. So, what will you do? Have you heard of hard disk data recovery? Well, it is a process that makes it possible to retrieve the lost data from the damaged hard drive.

If you know about the hard disk data recovery then at least you won’t panic at the first thought of losing your data forever. Because at the back of your mind you would be knowing that hard disk data recovery will help you restore the lost data. So what to do as the first step? You have to remind yourself that there are several hard disk data recovery software that can help you in this situation.

Some of the known hard disk data recovery software are available for RAID data recovery, NT/2000/XP and Mac. There are several hard disk data recovery software that can help you come out of such problematic situation. For example, the Mac hard disk data recovery software is usable for any variety of the hard drives.

It is a powerful software which can even retrieve the HFS file system data. And the best part is that this hard disk data recovery software can also do the recovery of all the partitions. You can also save the files of the Missing Mac folders as well. Moreover, it can recognize as well as preserve longer file names. Similarly, the other hard disk data recovery software allow you restore the essential information of your damaged hard drive.

Thus, it can be concluded that hard disk data recovery can be a tedious or simple task depending upon the damage that has been done to your hard drive. So, the best option is to ship the hard drive to a reliable hard disk data recovery company and they will restore the data within 72 hours.

Gun Safety Reminders for Hunters

There are numerous factors that a hunter would get seriously hurt. However, the leading cause is improper weapon handling. The reasonable hunter, nevertheless, takes mindful note of all of the security preventative measures including his or her weapon and discerns the basics of weapon security for hunters.

If it is packed, one of the very first fundamental laws of hunting safety is to constantly treat the weapon as it is. This is a universal standard for gun security as it does not describe any actual kind of gun. In regards to having a gun in general, one must never presume that it is unloaded. There is always a possibility that something could happen as a result of any weapon powder residue or other possibilities, providing the odds of a dangerous incident.

It is important to be accountable and keep the gun unloaded up until it is ready for use on the hunting premises. This avoids any injury or death due to the gun mistakenly going off due to negligent use or due to improper storage.

When on the hunting field, it is essential to keep in mind basic safety strategies. Constantly keep the fingers in indexed positions up until all set to fire. This stays clear of any accidental firing which can obviously result in serious injury or even death. Your fingers need to be folded and away from the trigger as much as possible. One false move with a finger too near the trigger could result in accidental shooting leading to fatal injury.

Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. This, naturally, means that the gun needs to never be pointed at another individual. Numerous stories have been told of weapons pointed at hunting companions, just for the weapon to unintentionally go off and injure or kill the unfortunate friend.

Also, never ever let any person who is intoxicated in any way to handle a weapon. Alcohol slows the reason factor on individuals, resulting in a lapse of better judgment. An intoxicated person will also poorly operate a gun, which may lead to inflicting injury upon himself or others.

These essential rules must be followed if you want to guarantee a safe and wonderful hunting trip.

If you are looking for a great place to hunt wild pigs as well as go bass fishing, you can check out Georgia’s best boar hunting retreat place. It is located in Abbeville, GA and popularly known as Gum Log Plantation.

Why Bother To Wipe Hard Disk Drives

When you delete a file from your hard disk, it may seem as if it is gone forever. In truth, however, this is not the case. The seemingly permanent process of file deletion actually leaves the file data still on the hard disk. When a file is deleted, it is simply marked ‘deleted’, and the space that it occupies on the disk is accordingly marked ‘ready for use’. Hence, it may be overwritten when more disk space is required, but this is by no means certain, unless the entire hard disk is filled with data.

Now, the actual data that make up the file is still on the hard disk, even after deletion. This makes it available for recovery, usually done using specially designed data recovery programs. MSDOS, in fact, has a built-in UNDELETE command which may recover recently deleted files.

The reason why file deletion is not as thorough as it can be is a simple one; resource management. Actually overwriting every bit of every file that is to be deleted will use more resources than would be practical, for everyday use. And in fact, this simple file deletion is usually sufficient for the basic user’s needs.

However, security considerations might necessitate the complete erasure of a given hard disk or collection of hard disks. When reassigning hard disks, for instance, or switching computers around, confidential data might need to be deleted. To lessen the possibility that this data is recovered, a hard disk wipe may be performed.

When a hard disk wipe is performed, the entire area of the hard disk is actually overwritten with random data. This means that the data that used to be on the hard disk becomes much harder (practically impossible) to recover after such a process. Almost no traces of the previous data that used to be on the disk is left, making a hard disk wipe a secure improvement upon ordinary file deletion.

The metadata or information on the data that used to be on the hard disk is also wiped clean, since the entire space of the hard disk is overwritten. The randomness of this data used to overwrite depends on the algorithm used to generate it. Some hard disk wipe programs give users the choice to select the algorithm they want the program to use. However this is not as necessary for hard disk wipe programs as it is for file shredder programs, which wipe individual files. This is because when it is the entire hard disk that is wiped, the degree of randomness of the overwriting data is not anymore as important.

Performing a hard disk wipe is often as easy as clicking a few buttons in a specially designed hard disk wipe program. Some programs are set to run automatically when a CD containing the program is placed into the computer containing the hard disk to be wiped. This makes it easier to perform batch wipes on many computers at once, and makes the hard disk wipe a feasible security solution for multiple hard disks.

Tips for Your Wood Fence Maintenance

Since you paid a lot of money for your fence, doing what is necessary in terms of wood fence maintenance is important. If you have wood furniture in your home, then you know that you have to dust it and polish it several times or once a week.

Roughly every 3 to 5 years you want to renew the stain on your fence, but it really will depend on the climate conditions, etc. You can stain the fence when you first get it, or you can buy the wood stained from the factory – suggested.

What you will have to do so you can preserve a wooden picket fence will not be the same in some regards as you would for a split rail fence. Since you want to take good care of your fence, you’ll do periodic inspections, and this will just be a good visual, plus you can see broken pickets easily most of the time.

How quickly you are able to expedite a fence section or other part will probably depend on if you are willing to pay for an expedited shipping process. But for the picket it may very well be possible for you to make the piece. And do not forget that the installation contractor may be able to help you out with this.

There are some interesting accessories with all fences and wooden as well, and in this case you can use metal nails or wooden connection devices. It is helpful to look ahead with any decision like this because you can identify potential problems.

Dissimilar materials such as nails and wood will begin to pose some problems eventually. Any nails that have heads beginning to show should be taken care of immediately. If you are unsure about how to check your fence for these phenomena, then that is when you call the contractor to come out and give you his assessment.

Hopefully your wood fence arrived with a pristine and high quality stain applied all over it, and it’s good idea to inspect your new fence and make sure all is OK. This is really the best technique for preservation and is the accepted standard in the fencing industry. But if you do this on your own, do not hurry it because you can apply it too thinly which sets you up for difficulties later on.

It would not hurt your fence to clean it once a year, but again it really just depends on your local conditions. Always record your fence maintenance activities, and the reason is you may one day have a need to know the history. The more you adopt these excellent measures, then you can be assured of the most desirable outcomes. This will keep you motivated and also give you a little more peace of mind.

For your convenience, and if you happen to be in the Triad area, you can simply get services of a professional wood fence restoration in Raleigh.

There are plenty of local companies like Renew Crew Clean Raleigh that offers heavy-duty cleaning and restoration for the exterior parts of your house.

Features Found While Laptop Computers Shopping

Some of the features found while laptop computer shopping focus on size and portability. Other features that people consider beneficial is whether the laptop computer is thin enough to carry with them when they are traveling through airports. The lightweight features found in laptop computers are what made laptop computers popular to begin with, and business travelers really need this feature when they work away from the office.

Other features found while laptop computer shopping are pretty basic and to be expected, but people consider them anyway when buying a laptop computer. The number of cells in a battery will determine how long it will provide power to their laptop computer system, and they want the longest time they can get.

The most beneficial features found while laptop computer shopping are the extended warranties that are offered on laptop computers. These are insurances that will protect their investment, and people prefer this warranty feature to have a few years offered in the deal. Most laptop computers start out with a 90 day warranty but some feature offers of as much as 3 years.

Some of the fun features found while laptop computers shopping are high-end graphics and touch screens. These are luxurious features that many people feel are not necessary, but high-tech computer users love them. For a person that does video editing for a living, they pay particular attention to the video editing features that are built-in to some computer systems.

There are people that look at features found while laptop computer shopping, and think about all of the musical CDs they can copy, and how they can download music from the Internet, and transfer it to their cell phone. They look at the built-in compact disk burners and think of all the money they will save when they make copies of their own style of music that they can play in their car.

One of the most important features found while laptop computers shopping is the speed of the computer processing unit. Since this is the one piece of equipment that is not upgradeable on a laptop computer, the one that is purchased with the laptop computer model will have to suffice for the life of the product. This feature will also reduce the wear and tear on the core of the system and may extend the life cycle of the laptop computer, and affect the speed in which images appear on your laptop computer screen.

One of the features found while laptop computer shopping will determine how much memory you can upgrade some time down the road. People routinely ask what the upgrade capabilities are on a laptop computer before they ask what the operation system is that is installed on the computer system. When they ask about upgrade capabilities they are actually asking about a feature called the memory slots.

The connectivity features found while laptop computer shopping is very important for people that like to browse the Internet occasionally, and very important to those that telecommute for a living. A broadband internet connection plug-in is one way people to choose to connect to the Internet. A dial-up connection can be used, but another feature will be needed to do that, and that feature is the dial-up phone plug-in device.

Desktop Hard Drives – Which Ones are Best?

011128_1169_0017_lsmsDesktop hard drives are a really valuable asset to have when you need extra storage space to keep your data safeguarded. They may cost you some money up front but they are also good investments and offer you some great peace of mind and can help your computer run even faster. In the following paragraphs we are going to look at some of the better desktop drives that are out there and what you need to be looking for if you want to buy one of your own.

The Buffalo Technology MiniStation Stealth external hard drive is one of the lightest and skinniest hard drives out there and it is really useful if one of your priorities is a hard drive that is portable. All you are going to need to do is plug it into the USB 2.0 port on either your Mac or your PC and you will have added an extra 500 GB worth of storage. This particular external hard drive comes with a feature called Turbo PC which will make your files transfer about twice as fast as the other leading brands out there. This can be highly useful if you have large files that need to be backed up. It’s also got an ECO Manager that can help with the preservation of energy as well as battery life. The Buffalo Technology MiniStation Stealth hard drive retails for just a little more than a hundred dollars but if you do a little bit of shopping around you could probably find it for less.

The Seagate GoFlex Satellite is super useful because this is a hard drive that will allow you to stream digital content through your Wi-Fi network. In addition to being compatible with Windows based PCs as well as Macs, you can stream data from your iPad. It’s possible to stream as much as five hours of video with a single charge on this particular device. Since it’s possible to upload files from an iPad to the Seagate GoFlex Satellite you won’t have to worry that your iPad will run out of space. This is very convenient if you like to travel with your iPad, as when you have this wireless storage device with you as well, you can be sure that you’ll have all the files you want.

laptop-repair-raleighAlthough most people don’t do it until they need it, you should really consider purchasing an external hard drive right now. Even if you’re computer is new and you have plenty of room on it, getting an external drive makes sense. It is very common for a computer to crash, but the warranty only covers the computer and not your files. It is always wise to back up your files so that you will not lose them. For an older computer this is really important because more space will help it to run better.

In conclusion, the external hard drives that are out there today have far more space than the hard drives that were available even just a few years ago. They also have more speed, less size and more portability than ever before. If you choose a high quality desktop hard drive that’s compatible with your computer, your data will be a lot more secure. For the highest quality computer repair call Lizardwebs!

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Electronic cigarette Battery Review – Vision Spinner 1300Mah electric battery with modifiable voltage With my Joyetech electric battery, I could possibly connect my E-cig right into my USB port on my computer system and also proceed utilizing it. The most evident perk is being able to manage the voltage, which in turn assists me conserve electric battery power. I all the best enjoy this electric battery, as well as it makes me like utilizing my E-cig also much more. With my Joyetech electric battery, I can connect my E-cig right into my USB port on my computer system and also proceed utilizing it. The Vision Spinner, regrettably has the battery charger that entails me eliminating my liquid container and also billing it through the leading of the electric battery. The most evident perk is being able to manage the voltage, which in turn aids me conserve electric battery power. I regards enjoy this electric battery, and also it makes me enjoy utilizing my E-cig also much more.

How you can Avoid Water Damage in the Bathroom Blocked drains as well as water pipes issues will certainly protect against the tub from drying out and also could suggest severe troubles underneath the tub. Inspect the water lines and also search for leakages around the commode seat, in the tube, and also under the water storage tank. If you identify any kind of indicators of wetness on the flooring around the commode, check for leakages in the commode rim as well as container seals. Replace as well as evaluate split caulking at joints where the wall surfaces satisfy the tub or the flooring. Blocked drains and also water pipes troubles will certainly protect against the tub from drying out as well as might show major issues below the bath tub. Seek advice from with an expert quickly to protect against architectural harm. Examine the water lines as well as search for leakages around the commode seat, in the tube, and also under the water storage tank. If you identify any type of indicators of wetness on the flooring around the commode, check for leakages in the commode rim and also storage tank seals.

Ways to Avoid Property Damage in the Kitchen Do not put on lengthy sleeves that could hang over the range as well as capture fire. Constantly look on the stove when it is on as well as do not fail to remember to transform it off when not in usage. Be sure all the vents are removed of blockages and also that the microwave stove has an ample clearance for air blood circulation. Be cautious when you keep and also prepare pot deals with away from the side of the range. Do not put on lengthy sleeves that could hang over the range and also capture fire. Constantly look on the stove when it is on as well as do not fail to remember to transform it off when not in usage. Be sure all the vents are removed of blockages and also that the microwave stove has an ample clearance for air blood circulation.